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The Imaginarium Puppet Company presents: “The Durflings and the Book of Poops”. Loopy Durfling borrows the Book of Poops (a special book in which Poops the Goose emerges; sings; and ‘poops’ out treasure) from his Uncle Klaatu’s library under the condition that he take care of it. The book gets stolen by the pesky Maskinis and he embarks on a journey to recover it under the close watch of his sister Lena Durfling.

Written and Created by Trevor Duffy and Danny Jaycock


  • The Imaginarium is recommended for audiences of all ages
  • The show run time is approximately 30 minutes
  • The Imaginarium wagon’s preferred home is outdoors but can accommodate indoor venues with a loading door 9’ high by 8’ wide
  • A scaled down set for venues that will not accommodate the wagon is available as well.
  • Minimum playing space required is 17' wide by 10' deep
  • The power requirements are a 120v plug drawing no more that 5amps

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