Activities and Needs

Precious Gift’s activities go hand-in-hand with our needs. Here is a list of our initiatives, both ongoing and in development, and their requirements. We depend on our supporters to help provide for these needs. You can help, both financially and by donating your time or knowledge, either on-site in Uganda or here in Canada.



School Fees and other basic needs: To fully support and educate the children in our care for the year. Fundraising $30,000 CAD.
Safe, Clean Water: For drinking and cooking. Fundraising to construct an underground tank with a submersible pump to draw water from the spring well and purchase two 10,000-litre water tanks.
Accommodation: A safe and well-equipped dormitory. Beds and bedding, personal hygiene products, cleaning products and equipment.
Formal Education: Development of literacy, numeracy, and critical thinking skills. Reading materials for various education levels; school supplies such as notebooks, pens and pencils, rulers and math sets.
“Informal” Education: Development of culturally appropriate knowledge and social skills. Arts and crafts materials (art paper, cardboard, colouring books and coloured pencils, paint)
Medical Care: Providing basic medical care and services for the children in our care. A constant stock of medicines and supplies, vaccinations, mosquito nets.
Agricultural Complex: A sustainable source of nutritious food as well as valuable practical skills. We will keep livestock (pigs, goats, chickens and cows) and grow vegetables, fruits and alternative food crops. Maintenance of farmhouse and enclosures; livestock and seed crops; ongoing animal feed requirements.