Orphans in Uganda

It is estimated that there are currently 143 million orphans and/or abandoned children in the world; Uganda accounts for 2 million of those orphans.

Uganda has been greatly impacted by the devastation of HIV/AIDS. Recent statistics from the World Health Organization show that HIV/AIDS has left a long-lasting effect on Uganda’s population, leaving over 2 million children orphaned since the epidemic began.

These orphans have no one to guide, protect, and love them like every child needs and deserves. Unless adopted by an orphanage, these children are left to wander the streets, beg or steal food, and find shelter wherever they can. They are hungry, lonely, and afraid, facing challenges children are simply not equipped to overcome alone. Some turn to crime and prostitution for survival, though many simply do not survive. They are vulnerable to exploitation, abduction, human trafficking, child labour, and sexual abuse.