Give of Yourself

As a small, young charity, we are always thankful for donations of time, skills, and knowledge. Some possible areas in which you could contribute include:

  • Education for Our Students: Visit our school and teach children who truly appreciate the opportunity to learn. Teaching is welcome in both formal (curriculum-based) and informal (art, music) areas.
  • Education for Our Staff: Share your knowledge with our teachers in areas including: curriculum subject matter, instructional techniques, emotional counselling, technology use, and sports and games.
  • Counselling: Our orphans have lived through the loss of both parents and other traumas. We do our best to see to their basic needs and education, but any additional support in terms of their mental and emotional well-being would be very much appreciated.
  • Agricultural Knowledge: Share your expertise in the care of crops and livestock to help us create and sustain our own food supply.
  • Administrative Skills: Assistance with accounting, technical, and/or legal matters, as well as fundraising activities.
  • Spread the Word: Follow us on Facebook and share our posts, and share our story with your friends and business associates.

To discuss opportunities to donate your time and expertise, please contact us.