The charitable objectives of the Foundation are:

  1. To relieve poverty in developing nations by providing:
    • basic necessities of life, including food, clean water, medical supplies, and clothing to orphans and other youth who are in need.
    • housing, domestic care, support, and incidental facilities to orphans and other youth who are in need.
  2. To advance education by providing:
    • books, equipment and educational aids to students attending school in developing countries and youth who are in need.
    • publicly available scholarships, bursaries, or other forms of financial assistance to orphans and other individuals who are poor or in need to be used for primary, elementary or secondary education.
  3. To receive and maintain a fund or funds and to apply all or part of the principle and income therefrom, from time to time, to qualified donees as defined in subsection 149.1(1) of the Income Tax Act (Canada).
  4. To do all other such things as are incidental and ancillary to the attainment of the above objectives.